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Wuxi Xinzhongrui Baby Supplies Co., Ltd NCVI Breast Feeding NCVI: Natural Care, Valuable Insistence NCVI is focused on providing easier life for mums and babies, more milk, more comfort and more efficiency.

Hot Products

    • Massage Breast Pump

      Massage Breast Pump

      Single electric breast pump with built-in lithium battery more convenient for mothers to outgoing use. LED screen shows the working time and status. The track ball can be rolled up/down to adjust the gear ball.

    • Medical Electric Breast Pumps

      Medical Electric Breast Pumps

      We designed this high-quality medical electric breast pump to allow mothers to breastfeed their baby in a more comfortable way and enjoy every moment.

    • Mother Feeding Machine

      Mother Feeding Machine

      This single breast pump has big capacity lithium battery can support your outgoing use. It has 5 levels of stimulation mode and 9 levels of suction mode for your choose. Soft silicone massage pad let you feel more conformable when using.