Advantages and disadvantages of manual breast pump

- May 25, 2020-

Advantages of manual breast pump:

1. Manual breast pumps are much cheaper than electric breast pumps, and the price is relatively close to the people. Electric breast pumps are generally high in price. Of course, there are a few higher cost performance.

2. The manual breast pump is a fully automatic manual operation, which can be operated freely without power, at any time, and sucks milk at any time.

3. You can control the speed and intensity of breast pumping at will, operate at any time, stop at any time, and pump as much as you want.

Disadvantages of manual breast pump:

1. The manual breast pump needs a certain amount of strength to suck out the milk. It is a little difficult for Bao Ma who has a small amount of milk in the early stage or has relatively little strength. Of course, others can help.

2. During the breast pumping process, the milk and each part of the manual breast pump will be in contact, so it is a little troublesome to clean.

3. Generally, the manual breast pump is slightly larger and is not suitable for carrying out.