Advantages of breast pump

- Nov 06, 2019-

1. Help to clear the breast, open the milk as soon as possible, and get the milk early, the baby can eat the colostrum in time, without using the milk powder first.

2, sucked milk, can clearly know the amount of milk, can also determine the amount of milk per child, you can see your baby drink milk is long; avoid milk too fast to the baby or too little milk to eat too much . (Mothers who are directly breastfeeding are always worried that the amount of milk is not enough. I don’t know how to judge whether the baby is full or not. I don’t know how much the baby’s milk is growing, but suck the milk out with the breast pump to compare the relationship between the baby’s month and the amount of milk. If it is really insufficient, the formula can be replenished in time; some mothers are rich in milk, spray-like, easy to pick up the baby, sucking it out and feeding it with a bottle can also avoid this.)

3, the baby will not be too long each time, sucking is effective sucking, will not develop the habit of biting the nipple to sleep; (direct breastfeeding is easy to cause the baby's nipple dependence, so that the baby sucks milk for a long time, and really The effective sucking time is not long, and it is easy to develop the habit of sleeping with a teat.)

4, to avoid the baby sucking breasts can only eat the former milk, and can not eat nutritious after-milk; (pre-milk is generally clear, after the milk is relatively thick, the content of the former milk nutrients is not rich after the milk, and the baby The average effective sucking is only a few minutes ago, and the sucking is the former milk. Many mothers see that the baby is asleep or not sucking, so that the baby will not continue to eat, so that the baby misses the nutrient-rich milk. )

5, mother does not have to feed the baby anytime, anywhere, do not have to maintain a constant posture for a long time, resulting in backache and leg pain;

6, basically can do every time to suck the breasts, can reduce the pain caused by milk rise; (use the breast pump is easier to determine whether the breast is sucked, only sucking the breast will not affect the milk production.)

7, the baby is not easy to grow milk, and will not wet the clothes; (direct breastfeeding is easy to make the baby's face full of neck is full of eczema, of course, there are other reasons for eczema.)

8, mother will not crack the nipple, to avoid the pain caused by this; (baby sucking may bite the mother's nipple, easy to cause inflammation, and lead to forced termination of breastfeeding.)

9. When the baby first comes into contact with the bottle, it will not refuse the bottle. It is convenient for the baby to feed the water. It also creates conditions for the mother to go out during the lactation period or go to work later. (Many babies are used to the mother's nipple and refuse to eat the bottle's nipple. Adding complementary food or feeding water is more troublesome; and the mother wants to go out, always worried that the child does not have milk to eat, and if the breast pump is used, the milk can be sucked out before being taken, put in the refrigerator, and eaten with the heat. )

10. It is easier to wean. (Do not rely on the mother's breasts, you can add other foods to your baby at appropriate time, and gradually wean. Some baby refuses to eat other things when weaning, my mother will be very painful!)