Advantages of breast pump (1)

- Apr 06, 2020-

1. Help to clear the breasts, open the milk as early as possible, and give the milk early, the baby can eat colostrum in time instead of using milk powder first.

2. The milk sucked out can clearly know the amount of milk produced, and can also determine the amount of milk that the baby eats per meal, and you can see that your baby drinks milk well; avoid the choking of too much milk to the baby or too little milk. .

3. The baby will not take too long every time to breastfeed, and sucking is effective sucking, and will not develop the habit of sleeping with nipples;

4. Avoid baby sucking breasts can only get the first milk each time, but can not eat nutritious after milk;

5. The mother does not need to feed the baby anytime, anywhere, and does not need to keep one posture unchanged for a long time, causing backache and leg pain;