Advantages of breast pump (2)

- Apr 09, 2020-

1. You can basically suck the breasts every time, which can reduce the pain caused by milk rise;

2. It is not easy for the baby to grow milk moss, and it will not wet the clothes;

3. The mother will not crack the nipple and avoid the pain caused by it; (The baby's sucking may bite the mother's nipple, which may easily lead to inflammation and lead to forced termination of breastfeeding)

4. When the baby touched the bottle from an early age, it will not refuse the bottle, which is convenient for feeding the baby, and also creates conditions for the mother to go out during lactation or to work in the future;

5. It is easier when weaning. (Will not depend on the mother's breasts, you can add other foods to the baby in a timely manner and gradually wean. Some babies refuse to eat other things when weaning, and the mother will be very painful)