Advantages of using a breast pump

- Feb 17, 2020-

1. Help dredge the breast, open the milk as early as possible, give milk early, the baby can eat colostrum in time, without first using milk powder.

2. Sucking out the milk, can clearly know the milk production, can also determine the baby's milk consumption per meal, can see their baby's milk consumption is long; to avoid the baby choked by the milk too fast or the milk too little baby can't eat enough. (the mothers who directly breast feed are always worried about the insufficient milk, and don't know how to judge whether the baby is full or not, and don't know the growth degree of the baby's milk, but suck the milk out with the sucking device, and compare the relationship between the baby's month and the milk amount, if it is indeed insufficient, they can supplement the formula milk in time; some mothers are rich in milk, spray like, easy to choke the baby, suck it out with the milk bottle to feed it out and use the milk Bottle feeding can also avoid this


3. Every time the baby sucks, the sucking time will not be too long, and it is effective sucking, and it will not form the habit of sleeping with the nipple; (direct sucking is easy to cause the baby's nipple dependence, so that the baby sucks for a long time, but the real effective sucking time is not long, and it is easy to form the habit of sleeping with the nipple.)

4. To avoid sucking the breast, the baby can only eat the front milk at a time, but can't eat the back milk with rich nutrition; (the front milk is generally clear, the back milk is relatively thick, and the content of the front milk nutrients is not as rich as the back milk, while the baby's general effective sucking is only a few minutes ago, sucking the front milk, many mothers see that the baby is asleep or doesn't suck much, they won't let the baby continue to eat It makes the baby miss the nutritious aftermilk.)

5. Mom doesn't need to feed her baby anytime and anywhere, and doesn't need to keep a posture unchanged for a long time, which makes her back ache and legs ache;

6. Basically, it can empty the breast every time, which can reduce the pain caused by milk inflation. (it's easier to judge whether the breast is empty with a breast suction device, and only when the breast is empty can it not affect the milk production.)

7. It is not easy for babies to grow milk moss and wet their clothes. (it is easy to make babies face and neck full of milk when breastfeeding directly. Of course, eczema is caused by other reasons.)

8. The mother will not crack the nipple, so as to avoid the pain caused by this; (the baby's sucking may break the mother's nipple, which is easy to cause inflammation, leading to forced termination of breastfeeding.)

9. When the baby touches the bottle first, it won't refuse the bottle. It's convenient to feed water to the baby, and it also creates conditions for the mother to go out or go to work later; (many babies are used to the mother's nipple and refuse to eat the nipple of the bottle, which makes it difficult to add auxiliary food or feed water; moreover, the mother wants to go out, always worried that the baby doesn't have milk to eat, if the sucking device is used , you can suck the milk out before you leave, put it in the refrigerator, and eat it as you like.)

10. Weaning is easier. (it will not depend on the breast of the mother. You can add other foods to the baby in due time and gradually wean. Some babies refuse to eat other things when they are weaned, and their mothers will suffer a lot.)