Applicable standards and functional characteristics of microwave digestion analyzer

- Feb 10, 2019-

The standard analytical method regulates the determination process of COD(cr) for water quality chemical oxygenation, and strictly stipulates the conditions of heating digestion time, solution acidity and oxidant dosage. It is clear that the determination of water quality COD(cr) is subject to strict conditional rules. If the operation is violated, the accuracy of the measurement will be affected.

Microwave digestion instruments comply with the basic principles of international regulations and national regulations, and ensure the digestion and heating of microbubbles for 2 hours. The reagent solution is manufactured and participated in the same way as the GB method to ensure reliable and accurate analysis. The SN-101A COD digestion instrument uses microcomputer technology to control the furnace on time, and can heat up five, six, eight, ten and twelve digestion cone reflow devices. Intended to achieve energy savings, reduce power load, save water, and increase power.

The digestion instrument uses a glass burr return tube instead of a spherical return tube. The air cooling technology is used instead of the tap water cooling method, which not only saves water, but also standardizes the instrument and improves the safety of the instrument. The chemical solution manufacturing, operation and COD calculations of the instrument are fully compliant. Water samples with a COD value of less than 50 mg / L can be improved by diluting the titrant and oxidizing agent. COD water samples above 1000 mg / L can pass. The fraction of the water sample is diluted to complete the assay.

Intelligent sensing of the core temperature of the magnetron automatically prevents microwave overload. A temperature sensor inside the cooling fan automatically prevents the system from heating up. The air-cooled temperature sensor automatically monitors the exhaust temperature. The rotor identification and position recognition sensors automatically determine rotor type and program matching. The enclosed chamber design for protection against microwave leakage provides high security protection.