Baby Food Supplement Cooking Machine selection attention (3)

- Mar 22, 2021-

In general, the food supplement machine and the steamer + cooking machine are similar in the initial stage of the food supplement.

The food supplement machine is better than it has a timing function, and there is no need to change tools in the middle (but it still needs to be operated manually). Because the food supplement machine has a small capacity, it is convenient to make it for the baby. However, the food supplement machine is basically useless except for supplementary food.

The combination of steamer and cooking machine is more versatile and lasts longer.

The steamer can also boil noodles and eggs. Even if you don’t make complementary foods, you can also turn on a small stove for your baby, or for cooking when the mother is alone. Many single babies buy steamer for supplementary food and cook for themselves, I know~

As for the cooking machine, if the mother usually cooks by herself, it will be more useful. It can be used for making meat filling and grinding flour. If mom doesn't usually have time or interest in cooking, this can be ignored.