Common mistakes in the use of sucking utensils

- Mar 30, 2020-

Myth 1: using a sucking device instead of a baby's sucking

At the beginning of the baby feeding, most mothers will have nipple pain.

Doctor's advice: if mothers can't breastfeed without special reasons, they should stick to breastfeeding as soon as the baby is born. If you can hold on for the first few days, your mother's nipples usually adapt to your baby's sucking. "Breastfeeding is actually like the switch of the boiled water tap. Mothers should remember to put the whole areola into their babies' mouths when feeding. As long as the tap is turned on in the right way, the water will flow out smoothly."

Mistake 2: excessive use of sucking device to damage the nipple

Some mothers think that the sucking device is omnipotent, but they don't know that if it is not used properly, the sucking device will also damage the nipple. If the breast tube is not dredged when using a breast suction device, it may be more and more blocked.

Doctor's advice: natural delivery of the second day of postpartum, cesarean section in the third day of postpartum, postpartum physiological breast distention, at this time as long as adhere to the right sucking baby, usually will be able to dredge the breast tube. If you want to use a breast pump, you must first ensure that the breast tube is unobstructed. If sucking machine has already caused nipple serious dropsy, even manual massage must stop, can let nipple fully rest first. In addition, mothers should not use a breast pump for too long. In general, the sum of breasts on both sides should not exceed half an hour.

Mistake 3: too much milk without artificial extrusion

There is also a part of the mother's milk, baby can not eat, but do not know how to use the breast pump to squeeze out the excess milk. If the milk is blocked in the mammary duct for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, leading to pathological breast swelling, and the breast feels particularly painful. In addition, when the baby starts to milk, if there is too much milk in the breast of the mother, there will be milk spray reflex, which will cause the baby to swallow too late, it is easy to choke, or simply refuse to suck milk.

Doctor's advice: after feeding, you should suck out the extra milk. For mothers with extra milk, you can squeeze out some of the front milk with a sucking device before breastfeeding, and let the baby suck after the breast is slightly softened. If the breast is still swollen after breast-feeding, and the milk is not eaten, the mother can also use a sucking device to squeeze out the remaining milk.