Correct use of breast pump

- Dec 10, 2019-

Many times, mothers are making the breast pump unable to suck milk or leaking milk. This is mainly because mothers use breast pumps improperly. 

1. Before using the breast pump, you must wash your hands and breasts, and then squeeze a little milk from the left and right breasts, respectively, to ensure that the breasts are not blocked;

2. Clean the breast pump and sterilize it before installation. After installation, everything is ready.

3. Choose a place where you feel comfortable, relax your body, then lean forward slightly (put a pillow on the back), and finally put a glass of water beside you.

4. Press the funnel and massage pad of the breast pump tightly on the breast, and don't let air enter to avoid losing suction.

5. Gently press the handle on the breast. The breast pump does not need to reach the maximum level to make your milk flow smoothly. It is not necessary to press the handle all the way down to form a vacuum, as long as you feel comfortable.

6. At the beginning of breastfeeding, you can quickly press the handle 5-6 times. Then, press and hold the handle for 2-3 seconds, and finally let go of the handle to allow it to return automatically. Milk will flow when the handle returns.

7. After squeezing several times, milk will usually flow out. Don't worry if there is no milk flow, just relax and try again. The weak pumping process causes pain during the process. You should stop immediately and consult your doctor. Note: If you cannot suck milk, do not continue to squeeze the breast with the breast pump for more than 5 minutes. Try again at another time.

8. Some mothers may like to use breast pumps without massage pads, but tests have shown that the use of massage pads will speed up the outflow of milk and make it easier to pump milk.