Design and selection of bottle sterilize

- Dec 31, 2019-

The most traditional bottle sterilizers are generally prepared in a small pot, and used bottles are put in boiling water for disinfection every day. However, this kind of disinfection is not complete and it is easy to cause secondary pollution. Experts advise moms to use bottle sterilizers. Baby bottle sterilizers, as the name suggests, are used to sterilize baby bottles. There are many bottle sterilizer design companies on the market today. They design different styles of bottle sterilizers. Most of the sterilizers on the market are high-temperature steam sterilizers, and there are some UV sterilizers The device uses sterilization method with UV for the first time and O3 for the second time without any chemical and physical deformation. It can be sterilized 99.9% safely and is loved by many mothers. Points to buy bottle sterilizer:

First, style

1. The integrated sterilizer has the advantages of long cleaning time and particularly good sealing performance. The disadvantage is that it is a bit inconvenient to clean.

In terms of comprehensive advantages and disadvantages, it is still recommended to buy an integrated UV ozone bottle sterilizer is good

2. The advantage of the split sterilizer is that it can be disassembled into various parts, which is easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the seal is not good, and the cleaning time is shorter than the integrated type.

Second, disinfection time

The disinfection time can be more than 10 minutes, and some can only be 6 minutes, which does not meet the national standards. Fast sterilization reduces time, but it may not achieve optimal results. The maximum number of feeding bottles is only a reference, and it depends on the diameter of the feeding bottle used. Buy enough products to ensure turnover. Heat-resistant temperature Before and after purchase, pay attention to the heat-resistant temperature and use method of the sterilizer, and use it properly to ensure safe use and prolong service life. Functional sterilizers don't have to buy products with too many functions, it is enough to sterilize and dry. If you want to save money on purchasing multi-functional products, you are advised to compare the price before purchasing and buy regular brand products. Don't be fooled by the fancy features, but the disinfection function is not enough.

Third, disinfection type

According to the type of disinfection, the bottle sterilizers mainly include:

1. The boiled milk bottle sterilizer is sterilized by the traditional boiling method. The principle is to boil the water to 100 ° C and sterilize the milk bottle by high temperature. This sterilization method is suitable for sterilizing vessels over 120 ℃. The steam bottle sterilizer is a 100 ° C high temperature steam sterilization bottle and small accessories. It is the most widely used disinfection method at present.

2, drying bottle sterilizer is a sterilizer with drying function, its drying method is divided into two types: one is to draw in air from the outside to dry the bottle, the other is to use internal thermal vortex to dry, There is no need to draw in external air to dry the bottle. This type of product usually has a time sterilization function. The microwave bottle sterilizer does not have any sterilization function itself. It is actually just a device for holding bottles. It can also be called a bottle sterilization box. It is sterilized by placing it in a microwave oven to generate water vapor. Ultraviolet bottle sterilizers, such as Bier, use ultraviolet rays for sterilization and disinfection. This type of product is suitable for sterilizing milk bottles and components with high light transmission. There is no requirement for the temperature resistance of the utensils. Second, steam disinfection is the most widely used. Disinfection is the most popular. When you buy, you can refer to some parameters such as price and other considerations.

3, material, most of the sterilizer plastic materials sold in the market are PP materials, safe and non-toxic can be used with confidence. When buying, you can look at the introduction in the manual. Be sure to buy products that do not contain bisphenol A. To ensure the baby's health, the material of the electric heating plate should be stainless steel. Aluminum is easy to rust and perforate. About manufacturers and certified baby bottle sterilizers, you should first understand the origin of the product in detail when purchasing, and the qualifications of the manufacturing company or distribution company. Sanwu mother and baby products cannot be purchased, and you ca n’t listen to business ads. Try to choose a good after-sales service manufacturer or reseller, you can understand the user's word of mouth on the brand and products online. We must guard against the deceptiveness of fake foreign brands and fake foreign goods. Do not buy pure foreign language packaging, it is banned in China. Do not buy without a certificate number. Foreign electrical products sold in China must obtain China 3C certification. The quality inspection report refers to the batch of products, and the company can also issue it itself, with low credibility.