Detailed explanation of the principle process of the furnace heating operation process

- Jan 10, 2019-

One. The characteristics of induction furnace heating: low power factor, current and voltage phase are not synchronized, so reactive current will be generated. Once entering the grid, the grid will be damaged, so capacitors should be equipped.

Two. Heating principle

The transformer contains a primary coil (inner) and a secondary coil (outside) (both do not touch). The primary coil is connected to high-voltage alternating current, the alternating current generates an alternating magnetic field, and the alternating magnetic field generates an alternating current, which is output at 380 and 220 volts on the secondary coil.

Transformer points: two types of core and air core

Core: There is a core, which mainly means that the magnetic lines of force are transmitted by the magnetizer.

Induction furnace heating, induction furnace

Three. Induction heating power supply (HZ: wavenumber of current per second)

1. Power frequency: 50HZ

2. Medium frequency: greater than 50—20000HZ

A. IF generator: power is divided into 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000KW

B. SCR intermediate frequency device

C. Disadvantages of IF generator: high noise, material consumption, production difficulties

D. The thyristor intermediate frequency device: rectifies the alternating current into a direct current, and then inverts into an alternating current (characterized by a variable frequency).

3. Tube high frequency: made by oscillation of the tube (range: 500KC (thousands of weeks, kilohertz) - -2MC (megacycle))