Different types of Compact Electric Breast Pump

- Jan 03, 2021-

1. Electric breast pumps used in hospitals – these breast pumps have a lot of suction power and can collect breast milk the fastest. They are often used by women whose children need to be hospitalized after birth. Women can also rent these types of breast pumps for use at home.

2. Electric breast pumps for personal use-These breast pumps are smaller than electric breast pumps used in hospitals. They can collect breast milk quickly, but they are usually not as fast as hospital breast pumps. The personal breast pump can be put into a suitcase and is suitable for women who pump milk at work.

3. Unilateral breast pumps – These breast pumps collect milk slower than electric breast pumps for hospitals and personal use. They can be driven manually, battery or plug-in. They are suitable for women who need breast milk only occasionally.