Does the breast pump affect milking

- Dec 07, 2019-

Generally speaking, if a mother with a child at home or a mother who is not in a hurry to work does not need to prepare a breast pump, like a mother who needs to carry milk or a mother who has too much milk, it is best to prepare a breast pump. There are advantages and disadvantages to using a breast pump. Some women think that breast pumps will affect breast feeding, so they dare not use them. Will breast pumps affect breast feeding?

The so-called breast pump refers to the tool used to squeeze out the breast milk accumulated in the breast. It is generally applicable when the baby cannot directly breastfeed, or when the mother's nipples have problems, and if they still want to breastfeed, they still work.

The use of a breast pump will not only affect the feeding of milk, but also stimulate milk secretion and increase milk volume. If your baby is a premature baby or does n’t suck your mother ’s nipples, using a breast pump to collect milk will not only allow your baby to eat valuable breast milk, but also relieve the pain and oppression caused by breast milk. However, it should be noted that the milking frequency should not be too much when milking, otherwise it will make the situation worse.