Drying 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

- Feb 20, 2021-

The milk bottle sterilized by steam sterilization method will have a lot of water droplets attached to the wall of the milk bottle. The humid environment can easily cause bacteria to multiply. In order to improve the cleaning time of the milk bottle, this kind of product adds a drying function to the ordinary steam milk bottle sterilizer. , Which is often referred to as a baby bottle sterilizer with drying function. This kind of milk bottle sterilizer is divided into two types according to its drying method: the air extraction type, which needs to draw in air from the outside to blow dry the milk bottle; the non-exhaust type, which uses the internal thermal vortex, does not need to draw in external air. The air extraction type has strict requirements on the air environment, and the air inlet duct and fan blades of the sterilizer must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution to the baby bottle. The non-exhaust type has no requirements on the air environment, and is relatively simple to maintain. It usually has a regular sterilization function. How to use: First pour about 100ml of water into the evaporating dish, put the washed baby bottle upside down into the baby bottle storage basket, put the nipple and baby bottle cap into the small storage compartment, and close the lid. Turn on the power and press the disinfection button. This type of product is generally equipped with a disinfection and drying button to automatically complete the disinfection and drying procedures.