Every Mum is a Picky Virgo after Giving a Birth

- Feb 03, 2021-

"You are a Virgo". If one describes you with the phrase, maybe they are not complimenting with you, they are abandoning you: picky, obsessive compulsive disorder , perfectionism, cleanliness.

But when I became a mom, I realized that no matter what your sign is, you will become a Virgo when it comes to babies. And maybe you are familiar with the following scenario:

Outing for a dinner, a piece of wet wipes is a necessity in the mommy bag, and clean baby' hands every moment.

To buy the toys, you will check the materials, certificate, smell and security.


To buy the baby clothes online, you will ask the customer service about the materials, color smell and so on of them over and over again, even want to visit the factory if possible.

When you clean the baby milk bottles, it is necessary to clean them for a long time to prevent from harming the baby.

It is too hesitate for a new mother, so the following goods will save you.

A. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Both of large-capacity UV sterilizer and steam sterilizer are good choices for mums.

NCVI UV disinfection sterilizer. Smart panel and touch control. Controllable time and double safety. Ultraviolet disinfection, 360 degrees without dead angle.


NCVI steam sterilizer.10 mins quick sterilizing and one key to operate. 3 modes for your choice and intelligent anti-dry burning.


B. Breast Pump

NCVI electric breast pump is a good choice for the mother who is going to get back to work. A latest design in 2021, compared with the previous one, equipped with a mirror screen and more comfortable. You can empty the breasts with a dual breast pump before going to work and you can read a book or play with mobile phone while milking.


C. Baby Feeding Toys

Baby giraffe-shape Teeth toys with many bite points are suitable for infants. It is easy to catch and flexible. PP material, non-toxic and without pollution.