Failure to pump milk is not necessarily a problem with the Nursing Breast Pump

- Jan 25, 2021-

Mothers who have just given birth to a child, the breast milk secreted is also called colostrum, colostrum is relatively viscous, it is difficult to suck out the breast pump, and then rely on the baby's small mouth to suck more. A good breast pump will imitate the baby's breast pumping. The frequency is relatively fast in the early stage, which stimulates breast milk production, and the frequency is slow and regular in the later stage, which promotes milk discharge.

Mothers must maintain this rule when pumping to ensure smooth milk extraction. If the pumping force is too strong, it will not only be difficult to pump, but will also damage the breast. If the pumping force is too small, it will cause the milk to be sucked. Master the frequency of pumping.