Features of wet wipes heater

- May 16, 2020-

The heating time is short, heating to 35 ℃ in 15 minutes, and reaching the most comfortable temperature (45 ℃) after 30 minutes.

The operation is simple, and the tissue can be pulled out by simply opening the top cover.

The top heating design only heats several wet wipes on the surface layer, avoids the moisture loss of the wet wipes under long-term heating, and keeps the wet wipes moist.

Super power-saving design, the full power is only 10W, when the temperature of the wet tissue reaches 45 ℃, the insulation power drops to 5W, even if the power consumption throughout the day is only about 0.1 degrees, economical.

It can be used as an ordinary wet tissue box even if it is not heated.