How a milk warmer heats breast milk

- Jan 08, 2020-

The milk warmer is a device for warming milk. It can be used to heat fresh milk in the refrigerator. And the milk warmer can not only heat the milk made from powdered milk, but also breast milk. There are certain precautions for the heating of breast milk. Let us understand how the milk warmer heats breast milk.

How a milk warmer heats breast milk

The milk warmer can be used to heat fresh milk from the refrigerator; if some babies drink milk intermittently, you can put the milk back into the milk warmer to keep warm; at the same time, the milk warmer is also suitable for babies to drink milk in the middle of the night. The milk warmer can warm both milk powder and breast milk.

How does a milk warmer heat breast milk?

You can pour freshly boiled hot water into the milk warmer and turn the temperature between 50-60 degrees for rapid heating of refrigerated milk! Because they are heated quickly, you can pick them up in a few minutes. That's it. It should be noted that the temperature of breast milk must not be too high after heating.

How to use the milk warmer

1. Place the two in the container in the order of the stand first and then the bottle.

2. Slowly pour water into the container, the water level can be 2 cm from the top. Also be careful not to let the bottle float. If there is less milk in the bottle, you can reduce the amount of water as appropriate.

3. After covering the dust cover, turn on the power and press the switch. Generally, the red light indicates that it is heating, which takes about 8-12min. When it jumps to the green light, it indicates that the heating is complete and it switches to the heat preservation state.

4. When the baby wants to drink milk, just take out the bottle and dry the surface to feed the baby.

What kind of crowd is suitable for milk heater

1. "Milk-backed" mothers need

If the mother is in a hurry to go to work, she should "back" the milk and refrigerate it, and feed him when he is hungry. But before eating, you need to heat your breast milk to a temperature that your baby can accept. The conventional method of warming the milk is not easy to control the temperature, and the milk warmer can do it. Because the milk warmer is water-proof and does not need to adjust the water temperature to perfectly control the temperature, the warmed milk is relatively uniform to avoid the situation of sudden cold and hot.

· 2, bottle-feeding mothers need

The milk warmer can keep the water at 30-40 ℃, so when the baby wants to drink milk, just pour in the milk powder and shake well. In addition, if the baby does not finish drinking at one time, the remaining milk can be kept in a warmer, and the baby can drink it immediately when he wants to drink. (Note: the remaining milk should be drunk as soon as possible, more than 1-3 hours, it may deteriorate and not drinkable).

In addition, many babies do not like to drink the milk at one time, the bottle needs to be warmed for a long time, and the milk warmer is very important. In addition, it can keep the boiled water at a suitable temperature. When the baby wants to drink milk at night, it can be directly prepared without the need to add water to adjust the temperature. Finally, some milk warmers also have bowls and lids, which can help your baby warm other complementary foods, which is very convenient.