How long can the milk be put in normal temperature

- Feb 03, 2020-

The storage time of milk at room temperature should be determined according to the ambient temperature. There are obvious differences in storage time between summer and winter at room temperature. If it's hot in summer, it can reach a temperature of about 30 ℃. It's recommended that milk be stored at normal temperature for no more than 4 hours to avoid deterioration of milk due to bacteria breeding. If it's low in winter, it can be stored for a long time. If it's close to 0 ℃, it can be stored for about 24 hours. Therefore, due to different ambient temperatures, the storage time is different. Generally, it is not recommended to store milk at room temperature. If the milk needs to be sucked out and stored in advance due to some special reasons, it is generally recommended to store it at room temperature according to the baby's lactation time. If it is a short time to drink it, it can be stored at room temperature. If it is a long time to store it, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours. However, no matter what storage method, when the milk does not deteriorate, It is also not recommended to exceed 24 hours, because although there is no deterioration, there may be a large number of bacteria breeding, affecting the health of children.