How to Choose A Breast Pump

- Apr 03, 2020-

Why do we breastfeeding?  

Breastfeeding is the most natural way of mum’s love and care for their babies. Breastfeeding can make the connection between mum and children. Mum’s milk can provide the nutrition which babies need. To be honest, breastfeeding is also a money saver way. 

Do we need a breast pump?

A breast pump can help to collect the milk when there is milk left after feeding. In this case, it will help to create more milk and avoid the mastitis.

It is advised babies to have mum’s milk for one year. The mums can use the breast pumps to absorb the milk in time and carry them back to home for babies. It is advised to use the bottle sterilizers to clean all the parts before use.

How to choose a breast pump?

There are different breast pumps there. Hospital Breast pumps are heavy and strong which is more for rent use.

For the home use breast pumps, there are electric breast pump and manual breast pumps. For the manual breast pumps, they are very handy and light. Mum can use them outdoor.

More and more mums prefer to use electric breast pumps due to it is more economic and time saving.

NCVI China is more focused on the research of home use breast pumps. They are very quiet, small and easy carry. Most of all, they are rechargeable, one time charge can last for 2 hours. NCVI Breast pumps are very good looking. There are 2 or 3 different modes to choose which can meet most of mums’ needs. NCVI electric breast pumps are anti backflow which can collect more safe milk.