How to deal with the water intake of the electric breast pump

- Jun 24, 2020-

Air dry

1. Clean the electric breast pump first and set it aside;

2. Clean the nipples;

Align the front end of the electric breast pump and the breast shield directly at the nipple to squeeze out the air;

3. Plug in the power supply, press the switch, and you can suck milk.

4. The breasts on both sides must be exchanged and sucked;

5. Most electric breast pumps have prescribed standards, 500 ml or less, and the milk must be stored in other containers for use; Note: 1. Be sure to pay attention to safety;

2. After use, clean, air dry and disinfect;

Many new mothers start to use breast pumps immediately after delivery, which is not accurate. Be sure to let the baby suck and start milk early, so that the new mother can secrete milk as soon as possible, so that the baby has enough milk to eat. The breast pump is used only after the baby has sucked, or when the mother has gone to work. Otherwise, the baby is prone to nipple illusion, frustrating breastfeeding.