How to do daily maintenance and maintenance of microwave high temperature furnace

- Jul 10, 2019-

For the daily use and maintenance of microwave high temperature muffle furnaces, we will reduce the damage of electrical components by:

1. Regularly open the microwave muffle furnace cabinet observation window to clean up the debris left in the cabinet. Fragments in the box can affect the efficient use of microwave power.

2. For microwave muffle furnaces with fixed staff. Skilled equipment operators can maximize the value of the equipment.

3. Keep the workshop environment dry. Microwave electronics are all made of metal. The humidity in the workshop is very high and the surface of the metal appliance will be damp. When the power is turned on, the water vapor adhering to the surface of the metal appliance will cause the appliance to be short-circuited, thereby burning the appliance.

4. According to the environmental sanitation of the on-site workshop, reasonable arrangements for equipment dust removal, cabinets, conveyor belts, etc., especially air-cooled microwave muffle furnaces, should be taken seriously. Since the microwave electrical equipment is attached with dust, the magnetron and the transformer are heating devices, and the ventilation fan is required to dissipate the heat generated by itself. If thick dust adheres to the magnetron and the transformer, the heat dissipation will be poor. Then, the burning time is not far, especially some conductive dust.

Due to the different production environments of different industries and different enterprises, each customer often encounters many problems when using microwave muffle furnaces in general production environments, and usually burns transformers, capacitors, diodes, magnetrons, etc. Under these conditions, the microwave muffle can completely avoid these problems when in use.