How to repair and maintain microwave high temperature furnace

- Jun 20, 2019-

1. The controller should be placed in a place where it is ventilated and dry and free of corrosive gases. The working environment temperature is -10 ° C - 50 ° C, and the relative humidity is not more than 80%.

2. To ensure accurate measurement, the DC potentiometer is used to calibrate the thermometer of the XMT type temperature controller every year to avoid large errors.

3. Regularly check that the wiring of each part is loose and that the contactor of the AC contactor is good. Failure should be fixed in time.

4. For the silicon carbon rod furnace, after the silicon carbon rod is damaged, the new silicon carbon rod with similar specifications and similar resistance should be replaced. When replacing, the exterior of the unloader housing should be equal and the collet must be strong for use with silicon carbide rods. Good contact. If the chuck is heavily oxidized, it should be replaced. The gap between the mounting holes at both ends of the silicon carbon rod should be filled with asbestos rope. The furnace temperature must not exceed the maximum temperature of 1350 °C. The silicon carbon rod can work continuously for up to 4 hours at the highest temperature. After using the electric furnace for a long period of time, if the heating power adjustment knob is adjusted clockwise to the maximum value, the heating current will not rise. , away from the rated value, can not reach the required heating power, indicating that the silicon carbon rod has aged. At this point, Lulian's silicon carbon rods can be changed to parallel and still available. When changing the connection method, it is not necessary to disassemble the silicon carbon rod. Just change the connection method and change the connection method. Be careful to adjust the heating power adjustment knob slowly during use. The heating current value must not exceed the rated value.

5. The user can keep the above operating procedures during the use. If the product quality is not working properly, repair it free of charge within one year, replace the spare parts, and replace the product. However, if there is no manufacturer's quality principle, the user should not disassemble it himself, otherwise the user should be responsible for the maintenance cost.