How to use a breast pump in different situations

- Oct 21, 2019-

1. Early maternal and child separation

The breast pump is definitely not a tool for opening milk, so the breast pump is used when the baby has not directly sucked on the mother's nipple, and the risk is still very high. If there are some special circumstances that cause maternal and child separation after childbirth, the first consideration is whether you can seek help from the hospital. Is it possible to provide a medical grade breast pump, and it is best to open the milk and collect it with the massage hand squeeze? colostrum. Generally, the conventional breast pump that we buy on the market is not suitable for use in the month. If you look carefully at the manual, many breast pumps will be written for 4-6 weeks after delivery. The main reason is that the newborn sucking method is different from that of the big baby, and the mother can not secrete a lot of milk immediately after the birth. The colostrum is small and thick, and it is difficult to squeeze and collect with the conventional breast pump. May cause mother's nipple, breast pain, and even edema.

After the mother's milk can be normally secreted, the breast pump is gradually used to stimulate the lactation, and the extruded milk can be left for the child to eat.

 2, the situation of going to work back milk

Generally speaking, it is enough to start with the breast pump one or two weeks before going to work. After a period of regular feeding, the mother's lactation situation is generally stable, and the breast pump can also be adapted. Well, my mother shouldn’t care too much about the output when she first starts using the breast pump. It takes time for the breast to adapt to a new lactation stimulus. Don’t increase the pumping intensity and extend the use time because the yield is not ideal. It does not significantly increase the yield, but may cause breast pain and injury.

  3. Excessive production

Some mothers have a lot more milk than their baby's needs. This is really a painful thing. Many mothers are constantly using breast pumps to empty their breasts because they worry about not squirting milk or even mastitis. Because of the extra stimulation of the breast pump, the mother's output will continue to rise, it will be difficult to get up without sucking, and the next time will continue to produce more, vicious circle. In fact, in this case, the mother should adjust the frequency of use of the breast pump according to her own feelings. Try not to suck the breasts to a soft degree. The degree of easyness and comfort is maintained. A balance between supply and demand.