How to use a sucking machine to suck milk

- Mar 03, 2020-

1. Choose a leisure time that you will not be disturbed;

2. Let the baby lie beside you, or put a picture of the baby beside you, which will help the mother relax and suck milk;

3. Apply hot towel to your breast for a few minutes before sucking, which is good for milk outflow and can reduce pain;

4. The gentle and relaxed state is conducive to the outflow of milk. You can try to suck milk after bathing;

5. When the baby is sucking, use a breast suction device on the other side of the breast, or use a breast suction device after the baby finishes eating;

⒍ the position of the breast suction device can be changed frequently to stimulate the breast;

⒎ practice using the breast pump until you find the most suitable way, but when using the breast pump causes you pain, stop it immediately and consult your doctor.