How to use breast pump

- Apr 16, 2020-

⒈Choose a leisure time that you will not be disturbed;

⒉Let your baby lie beside you, or put a picture of your baby next to you, this will help mom relax and suck up milk;

⒊Use a hot towel to compress your breasts for a few minutes before breastfeeding, which will help the milk flow out and relieve pain;

⒋ Mild and relaxed state is conducive to the flow of milk, you can try to suck milk after bathing;

⒌When the baby is breastfeeding, use the breast pump on the other breast, or use the breast pump to suck the milk after the baby finishes eating;

⒍ Frequently change the position of the breast pump on the breast to stimulate the breast;

⒎Practice using the breast pump until you find the most suitable way, but when using the breast pump causes you pain, stop immediately and consult a doctor.