How to use manual breast pump

- May 19, 2020-

1. Attach the breast cup of the manual breast pump to the breast tightly so that the breast and the breast cup fit snugly. Remember to tilt the breast cup and nipple channel slightly downwards so that breast milk flows naturally into the bottle.

2. When ready, snap the hole at the top of the handle to the first (top) groove of the piston, and then press the handle. In this way, without too much effort, you can have enough suction power to suck out enough breast milk.

3. From the time when breast milk starts to flow out, switch to the breast pumping stage in about 2 minutes. When switching, gently press the part with the word "PUSH" on the front of the handle, and snap the hole on the top of the handle to the second (bottom) groove of the piston. Then continue to press and release the handle, so that you can find the best suction.