How to use the breast pump correctly

- Oct 14, 2019-

Many mothers do not use the breast pump correctly, which usually causes the milk to not be sucked out or causes the milk to leak. The correct use of breast milk will make it simple and easy. So how do you use the breast pump correctly?

1. Wash your hands and breasts. Gently squeeze a little milk from each breast to ensure that the breast is not blocked;

2, make sure that you have disinfected the breast pump and installed it;

3. Choose a comfortable seat, relax your body, lean forward slightly (padding behind the pillow), and put a glass of water next to it;

4. Press the funnel and massage pad of the breast pump tightly on the breast, do not let the air enter, so as not to lose the suction;

5. When you gently press the handle, you will feel the suction on the breast. The suction of the breast pump does not reach the maximum level, so that your milk can flow smoothly, so it is not necessary to press the handle completely to form a vacuum, and you feel comfortable.

6. When you start pumping, you can quickly press the handle 5-6 times. Next, press and hold the handle to stay for 2-3 seconds, then release the handle to automatically return it. This is a natural sucking action that mimics BB. The milk will flow out when the handle is returned;

7. If there is no milk flowing out during the pressure, don't worry, relax and try again. If you are uncomfortable during the pumping process, stop and consult a doctor immediately;

8. Using a massage pad will speed up the flow of milk, making breast pumping easier;

9. It usually takes 10 minutes to extrude 60-125 ml of milk. But each body is different, there are always differences. If you squeeze more than 125 ml of milk at a time, use a larger bottle.