I can't suck it out with a breast pump for the first time

- Dec 16, 2019-

For working mothers, it is most suitable to use a breast pump, sucking their milk out into the refrigerator, allowing the baby to eat breast milk at any time; and mothers who have breast diseases such as mastitis can also use the breast pump Suck the milk out for your baby. However, there are many problems when using a breast pump, such as what to do if the breast pump cannot be sucked out for the first time?

What to do if I can't suck it out with the breast pump for the first time

There are many factors that cause the breast pump to suck up milk. On the one hand, it is caused by the breast pump's own problems; on the other hand, it may be caused by the mother's problems during the operation of the breast pump. Therefore, as long as you identify the problem, you can solve it in a targeted manner. We give you a few tricks to help mothers easily and quickly solve the problem of breast pumping.

1. There are many reasons why a breast pump can't suck up milk. It may be that the mother does not have enough suction power when buying a breast pump, which causes her to fail to suck milk. Generally there is a suction problem with manual breast pumps. Electric breast pumps have fewer such problems. Therefore, mothers must pay attention when buying a breast pump.

2. In fact, mothers have a misunderstanding about breast pumps, thinking that the faster the frequency of the manual breast pump, the more milk there is, but this is not the case. The frequency is too fast for mothers with thin or unobstructed breast tubes. . And it may cause a kind of harm to the mother, cause mastitis and so on, so the frequency should be appropriate.

3. The breast pump can't suck the milk. It may be because the breast pump is installed incorrectly. Therefore, you must follow the instructions in the assembly process, or ask a professional to help you. The breast should be pressed tightly during use. air.

4. No milk can be sucked. The mother can relax on the bed for 10 minutes before using the breast pump. Take the horn comb and gently comb it from the root to the nipple. After gently moving the breast or using a hot towel, keep the breasts relaxed again, and finally start to suckle. Fortunately, slowly from small to large.