Introduction of drying bottle sterilizer

- Nov 23, 2019-

The bottle disinfected by steam sterilization, the bottle wall will be attached with a large number of water drops, the wet environment is easy to cause bacteria to breed, in order to improve the cleaning time of the bottle, these products add drying function based on the common steam bottle sterilizer. , also known as the drying bottle sterilizer, this type of bottle sterilizer with drying function, the drying method is divided into two types: one is to draw air from the outside to dry the bottle; the other is to use the inside The hot vortex is used for drying, and there is no need to draw in outside air to blow dry the bottle. The former has strict requirements on the air environment, and it is necessary to regularly remove the inlet air duct and the fan blades of the sterilizer, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution to the bottle. In addition, such internal drying bottle sterilizers typically have a timed sterilization function.