Introduction of steam bottle sterilizer

- Nov 21, 2019-

The use of high temperature steam sterilization at 100 °C is currently the most widely used and the most thorough and effective disinfection method. The national tableware disinfection standard adopts this method. The disinfection standard of medical instruments is to improve the disinfection environment based on the tableware disinfection standard. Pressure and temperature. Such sterilizers have no strict requirements on the structure and light transmission of the device to be sterilized, and are particularly suitable for sterilizing children's bottles and tableware. In addition, high-temperature steam can dissolve and fall off the cleaned milk in the bottle. This type of sterilizer usually has a water-drying automatic shutdown function, because it requires only about 100ml of water to be heated, so it is more water-saving and power-saving. According to the national tableware disinfection standard GB14934-94, the disinfection time must be more than 10 minutes. This parameter should be considered when purchasing such products. The evaporating dish is an open stainless steel electric heating plate structure, which is easy to clean scale and does not leak rust and perforation.