​Is it necessary to buy a bottle sterilizer?

- Dec 23, 2019-

In fact, bottle sterilizers are necessary for children. If you really do n’t want to hurt your children, you will usually consider them. Everyone knows that bacteria are not a trivial matter for babies, and pacifiers are used frequently. It ’s important to note, is a bottle sterilizer useful?

Is it necessary to buy a bottle sterilizer?

The necessity of a baby sterilizer cannot be ignored. Plastic bottles, some of which are of poor quality, will produce chemicals after high temperatures, so they must be disinfected before being used by babies. The baby's device is disinfected at least once a day to avoid bacterial growth. Many babies who do not pay attention to this will cause "virus infection" caused by bacteria in the diet device. This disease is very common and will cause the baby to continue to have a high fever.

So small details can be doomed to great errors. Baby bottle sterilizers are necessary for children. Sometimes they are not cleaned during use, especially in spring and summer, it is easy to breed bacteria, which seriously affects the child's health. Milk powder is left in the inner cover of the pacifier and accumulates in the bottle. There may be some stale deposits, so baby bottles and baby-related appliances should be disinfected.

Baby bottles and pacifiers are used frequently, and residual milk is often attached. Therefore, if the baby bottles are not cleaned and disinfected frequently, it will easily become a breeding place for various bacteria.

Is a bottle sterilizer useful?

1. The bottle must be disinfected after washing. The benefits of bottle sterilizers / pots are that they save time, worry, and safety, and they are relatively thorough.

2. It is recommended not to buy a UV sterilizer, because UV radiation has low energy and weak penetrability, and can only kill the directly exposed microorganisms. Therefore, the disinfection effect of blind areas such as the inner wall of the nipple and the inner wall of the bottle cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the lamp tube will be aging or the ultraviolet emission efficiency will be low. Generally, the user does not have the means to detect the intensity of ultraviolet rays and cannot guarantee the disinfection effect.