Main features of microwave rapid ashing furnace

- Aug 30, 2019-

The microwave rapid ashing furnace is a high-temperature resistance furnace designed for rapid ashing of coal, coke, petroleum, etc., and can be used for laboratory ashing of electric power, coal, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research institutes and universities. It is used for the determination of ash and is one of the commonly used coal testing equipment.

Main feature

1. The fast ashing furnace adopts ceramic fiber furnace body, which has fast heating, good heat preservation, light weight and beautiful appearance. It is the latest box type high temperature furnace in China.

2. The fast ashing furnace adopts a special microcomputer chip for temperature control, digital display, digital PID adjustment, convenient operation and accurate temperature control. An oxygen supply system is provided to make ashing more complete and faster. The digital electronic timer is used for timing, and the timing length can be set arbitrarily from 1 to 9999 minutes.

Safe use point

1. Please read the entire contents of this manual carefully before use.

2. To prevent electric shock, you must ensure that the instrument is reliably grounded.

3. It should be used in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive atmosphere.

4. When using, there should be no flammable substances around to prevent fire.

5. When handling samples, pay special attention to prevent burns. Samples that have just been removed should be placed on asbestos nets to avoid burns or fire.

6. The high working temperature of the furnace should not exceed 1000 °C, otherwise it will cause permanent damage.

7. It is strictly forbidden to heat explosive substances, easy to detonate substances, and easy to splash liquid.

8. When heating a substance with a melting point lower than 1000 ° C, the melt should be prevented from overflowing.

9. When the box furnace is not working, the power should be cut off.