Massage breast pump help breastfeeding

- Dec 17, 2020-

"The size of the breast decides the quantity of breast milk" is a rumor that most of mothers have heard already.Actually, The breast of mother is composed of mammary gland and adipose, and what really decides congenital milk quantity is the amount and development degree of mammary gland.

So there are some details that mothers need to know.

The Production of Breast Milk

The First Stage

During the pregnancy, the mother's body prepares for breastfeeding quietly. Some mothers in the third trimester will find the phenomenon and squeeze the breast gently, then there has been milk outflow. But large amounts of milk are not produced because of the suppression of estrogen and progesterone .

And when the baby is born, mother's progesterone drops and prolactin rises, and the breast switch is turned on. At this time, the milk processing plant will officially start to work.

The Second Stage

The quantity of breast milk that the mother gets is determined by the amount of suction. When the baby starts sucking, it will stimulate the mother's body to release prolactin and oxytocin.

In addition, the breasts also have a memory function. They remember how much the baby eats each time and then produce milk as needed next time.

What We Can Do for the Shortage of Breast Milk

Firstly, eat well and keep in a good mood

Mothers in lactation need to keep a balanced more fish, eggs and seafood, and at the same time to replenish some soup in order to recover faster and produce more milk.

Additionally,it is necessary to be in a good mood. Negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, suppress the lactation reflex, so mothers need to relax and feel confident about themselves.

Secondly, baby's assistant

Babies act like a commander and stimulate mother's breast milk by sucking. The more times babies suck, the more stimulation it sends to the mother's brain, and the more breast milk the mother gets.

Besides, the baby's lactation position is also very important.

When babies don't need to suck breast milk, we can use breast pump to help suck milk and stimulate lactation.

NCVI double-frequency bilateral breast pump adds the frequency sucking mode on the basis of traditional sucking, which can deeply simulate the rhythm of baby sucking, massage while dreading the mammary gland.

When mother's breast is stimulated on one side, actually both of breasts will produce milks. Therefore, a bilateral breast pump is essential which can stimulate both sides of the breast lactation better at the same time.