Medela breast pump instructions

- Oct 25, 2019-

In recent years, with the occurrence of milk powder incidents, many moms have chosen to breastfeed their babies. Breast milk is the healthiest nutrient for your baby. Medela is a brand from Switzerland. It mainly produces many baby products. Its breastfeeding products are also famous. Breast pumps, breast shields, milk spill prevention, breast care and other products are very special. This breast pump is especially suitable for occasional regular breast pumping, and can also help long-term milk production. 

user's manual:

[Special note] This breast pump is a genuine product sold in the United States. The Chinese American lifestyle is different, so the power supply voltage we use is different, and the voltage used in the United States is 120V. So how do you solve this problem if you use it in China?

1. You can directly use 4 No. 5 batteries, SWING designed this function very convenient;

2. It can be equipped with a voltage converter to convert 220V voltage to 120V. Specifically, plug the transformer into the domestic socket first, and then plug the Medela 120V power supply into the transformer.

3, with a domestic direct use of power, pay attention to the output of 4.8V voltage and 800MA current can be, in addition, do not buy switching power supply, choose a better quality.