Medela breast pump use precautions

- Dec 02, 2019-

Because the first time I used this breast pump, it caused the milk to overflow or return. At this time, many mothers seemed to be at a loss, and the clumsy look was not mastered. We were using Medela to suck the milk. What should you pay attention to?

What should I pay attention to when using a breast pump?

1. When the baby is full of milk, the breast and the milk are not empty. At this time, the breast milk should be used to absorb excess milk.

2, the baby is too small, physical strength is small and weak can not absorb the nipple, the use of breast pump.

3, sometimes the mother can not feed the baby in time, causing the milk to overflow when it should be sucked out with a breast pump

4, in many cases, the mother's nipple ruptured or chapped and the pain can not be used to directly feed the baby

5. When breastfeeding mothers take certain drugs that may be harmful to the baby, they should stop breastfeeding. At this time, the milk should be sucked out by the breast pump on time.

What should I pay attention to when using milk pump to return milk?

1. The direction of the yellow piston opening cannot be consistent with the direction of the bell mouth, otherwise it will cause backflow. The yellow piston opening direction should be maintained at 90 degrees to the bell mouth direction. Pay attention to the direction of the cover and the white sheet in the above picture.

2, the yellow piston can not be put too hard, just put it on the light, the principle is that after you put it on, you can easily remove it with a little effort with your thumb.

3, small white film to ensure clean, smooth installation on the yellow piston.

4. When using the breast pump, the main unit and the hose should not be placed too low, higher or parallel to the position of the breast.

5. It is found that there is milk entering the hose, and it is necessary to shut down immediately, and the milk is taken out from the hose before it is available. If the milk enters the main unit accidentally, it should be cleaned as follows.


4, under normal circumstances, the baby's sucking pressure is 60-100mmHg, if the sucking milk is not simply pulling the nipple, so it is not necessary to choose a strong suction pump.