Microwave high temperature microwave sterilization

- Apr 20, 2019-

We know that food processing companies have been ordered to rectify due to incomplete sterilization during the production process. With the development of microwave heating technology and people's understanding and mastery, it is believed that the advantages of microwave sterilization equipment will be recognized by more people. To this end, manufacturers of sterilization equipment manufacturers need to continue to improve the comprehensive performance of equipment to meet customer production needs.

As soon as I heard the microwave sterilization, I felt that it was a very tall word. At present, among the many sterilization equipments that sterilize food materials to ensure product quality and safety, microwave sterilization equipment is one of them. As food is highly susceptible to contamination during production, storage, transportation and sales, the application of such equipment can achieve the purpose of food sterilization and preservation.

The microwave sterilization equipment mainly utilizes the interaction between microwave thermal effect and biological effect, so that the microorganisms in the food are simultaneously subjected to multiple actions, which cause the protein and physiological active substances in the body to mutate, thereby causing the growth and development of the microorganisms to be delayed and killed, so as to achieve food extinction. Bacteria, preservation, and thus extend the shelf life.

It is reported that the food microwave sterilization equipment developed by Boda Energy Saving Industry adopts various structural forms to meet the needs of various processes. At the same time, the microwave source adopts new technologies such as multi-slot, multi-mode, multi-reflection, and pyramidal antennas to make the material processing more uniform and more efficient. In addition, it can also be used with PLC system, infrared temperature measurement system, fault alarm system, power adjustment system, etc. to improve the continuity of equipment operation and ensure the stability of sterilization effect.