Microwave milk 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

- Feb 22, 2021-

In essence, it is a plastic utensil for feeding bottles, which does not have the function of disinfection, and is also called a bottle sterilization box. Its working principle is to use the microwave generated by a microwave oven to heat the water in the sterilization box of the baby bottle to turn it into high-temperature steam to sterilize the baby bottle in the sterilization box. This type of sterilizer is suitable for feeding bottles and non-metallic tableware whose height is less than 10cm. Manufacturers of microwave oven sterilizers generally sell baby bottles and sterilizers together. How to use: First pour 200ml of water into the baby bottle sterilization box, put the cleaned baby bottle into it, close the lid, and then put the sterilization box in the center of the microwave tray, turn off the microwave, select the appropriate power, and time for 10 minutes.