Misunderstandings of the milk warmer

- Jan 03, 2020-

The milk warmer, also known as a milk warmer or milk heater, can be used to heat breast milk taken out of the refrigerator, milk powder that has been prepared in advance, or some babies drink intermittently. At this time, you can put the milk back into the warm milk Device insulation. However, there have been many rumors about the milk warmer with the idea of "resurrection"!

Rumor 1: The milk warmer is not warm milk, but warm water.

This statement actually shows that there is nothing wrong with it, but it is biased. One of the main functions of the milk warmer is to warm the breast milk, to meet the needs of more mothers with back milk. Let more mothers continue to breastfeed their babies even after returning to work after a short maternity leave. For milk powder, you should warm the boiled water first, and cash it when you eat it, because the milk powder should be drunk after it is aligned, and you can't keep it warm for a long time.

Myth 2: Milk heaters are not needed in summer?

For a long time, Xiaobian emphasized that in addition to breast pumps, breastfeeding mothers need milk warmers most, especially when they said goodbye to maternity leave and returned to work. This demand became more apparent. Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, as long as you insist on backing milk, as long as there is excess breast milk storage, a milk warmer is inevitable. In general, a constant temperature of 40 ° is better. It is not hot or cold, and there is less nutrition loss, and the entrance Just right. The reason why everyone associates warm milk with winter is that the temperature in winter is low, and the temperature of food has dropped sharply, and a milk warmer is even more needed.

Rumor # 3: Flat-lay warm milk is better and more convenient

In order to make the milk heat up more quickly and evenly, some mothers want to use a flat-laying method of warming milk. What is a flat lie? That is, put the baby bottle on its back and heat it in the warmer. Some mothers believe that this warm milk can increase the contact area of the heated milk, so that the heated milk is more uniform and faster.

Mothers should pay attention to this, this flat lying method is only suitable for water-free warmers. If you use a warmer with water in your home, don't lie flat. Otherwise, water penetrates into the milk, which not only dilutes the milk, but also threatens the baby's health.

In addition, it should also be noted that the milk can overflow due to the lying-on method of warming milk.

Rumor 4: Use 100 ° boiling water to warm the milk

Milk contains a variety of nutrients, most of these nutrients are not heat-resistant. If the temperature is too high, the nutritional components in the milk will also be denatured due to heat, so the nutritional status in the milk will be greatly reduced. Therefore, mothers should not be impatient and use hot water for warming milk.

How to keep the water temperature at a constant 40 °? In addition to testing with the back of your hand, you can also choose to use a thermometer. I think the most convenient course is to buy a warmer. One button, choose the most suitable milk temperature, warm milk easily!

Rumor 5: The bottle should be sealed during warm milk

Some mothers think that when the milk is warm, the bottle cap must be tightly sealed to ensure that the milk is clean and not contaminated. In fact, if your baby's bottle and warmer are cleaned and disinfected in time, and the milk is properly stored in the refrigerator, then mothers need not worry so much. For warm milk, it is better to leave a small gap.

When warming the milk, the temperature of the milk warmer is generally set to 40 ° C, and the warming of the milk is continued for several minutes. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, if the milk in the bottle or the milk bag is full and in a sealed condition, after the milk is continuously heated, the milk will easily overflow or the bottle cap and milk storage bag will burst. Case. Therefore, it is better to leave a little gap when the milk is heated

Rumor 6: Milk is in the milk warmer for more than 3 hours

If the prepared milk is not eaten, it should be stored in the refrigerator; if the prepared milk is not drunk, it should not be stored in a warmer for more than 3 hours. If you are drinking the remaining milk, it is not appropriate to keep warm until the next feeding.

If the parents can't guarantee the milk powder is ready to drink, you can prepare a constant temperature milk regulator. The constant temperature milk regulator can directly drink boiled water at a constant temperature, and control the water temperature to the temperature of the milk powder, so that the milk of the appropriate temperature can be prepared at any time for the baby to drink!