Misunderstandings of using Massage Breast Pump after childbirth (2)

- Jun 12, 2020-

1. Excessive use of breast pumps can damage nipples; some mothers use breast pumps as a panacea, but improper use of breast pumps can also damage nipples. If you use a breast pump without Shu Ting in your breast, it will become more and more blocked, and it will cause nipple edema. Therefore, it is best not to use a breast pump to suck on both breasts for more than half an hour. As long as you insist on letting the baby suck, the normal breasts can pass. If you must use a breast pump, you must first ensure the smooth flow of the breast. If the nipple has been edema, you should stop using it immediately.

2. Use a breast pump if you have too much milk; some mothers have too much milk and the baby can't finish it, but they don't know how to use a breast pump to extract more milk. If the mammary ducts of the competition are prolonged for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and form pathological swelling. At this time, the breasts will feel very painful to the touch and the mothers are also very painful. In addition, if the baby just started feeding, buying too much water will cause the baby to swallow too late, and it is easy to choke the baby.

3. So after breastfeeding, it should be said that the milk should be washed out. For mothers with a lot of milk, you can use a breast pump to squeeze out some milk before breastfeeding, and wait until the breasts are slightly softer before sucking the baby. If the baby still feels swollen breasts after eating, mothers can also use the remaining breast pump produced by Xinzhongrui to suck it out.