Precautions for baby's milk warmer (2)

- Aug 16, 2020-

1. Pay attention to the heating time

In the process of use, pay attention to adjusting the temperature according to different adjustment methods. Do not heat the milk for a long time, and just keep it warm when you want to drink it. If you need to keep warm for a long time, it is recommended to pour warm boiled water into the milk bottle and place it in the milk warmer for constant temperature. Add milk powder and stir when you are ready to eat.

2. Pay attention to scale

If the milk warmer has scale, it will affect the temperature accuracy of the entire milk warmer. Usually, you can pour an appropriate amount of vinegar into the milk warmer. After soaking for half an hour, plug it in and let it work normally for 10 minutes, and then clean it with cold boiled water. If the scale problem is serious, then It can be repeated several times.

3. The baby cannot touch

Because the outside of the bottle warmer will have residual temperature, it is easy to scald, and there are many switches on the bottle warmer, which may cause the baby to misuse it. Do not let your baby touch the bottle warmer.

4. Pay attention to heating other foods

Pour other food directly into the milk warmer, which may leave many food residues, which are difficult to clean and affect the normal use of the milk warmer. If you need to use a milk warmer to heat other foods, remember to fill the milk extractor with water first, and clean it after use. Also pay attention to ensure its tightness, pay attention to choosing a bottle of moderate size.