Precautions for using a breast pump

- Nov 13, 2019-

Cleaning and disinfection

Before using the breast pump every time:

Please disassemble all components and wash them with a dishwasher or a neutral detergent. Do not use fungicides or detergents, then put them in a steam sterilizer for disinfection or boiling in boiling water for five minutes.

Keep the breast pump in a sterile state while on the go:

Special cases

1. When the baby is full and the milk in the breast is not empty, use a breast pump to absorb excess milk.

2. The baby is too small or too weak to suck the nipple.

3. Breastfeeding mothers cannot breastfeed on time, so that when the milk is full.

4. The nipple is ruptured or split and the pain cannot be used to feed the baby directly.

5. During breastfeeding mothers taking certain drugs that may be harmful to the baby, breastfeeding should be stopped. At this time, the milk should be sucked out by the breast pump on time.