Problems in industrial microwave equipment in food sterilization and preservation

- Aug 10, 2019-

Industrial microwave equipment has important applications in food sterilization and preservation, but there are also many industry problems that affect the healthy development of the industry. These issues include the following:

The manufacturing technology of some industrial microwave equipment companies is still immature. Some companies have leaked industrial microwave equipment due to lack of technology, which not only has the effect of disinfecting and preserving food, but also endangers the health of workers.

Some industrial microwave equipment companies exaggerate publicity. Some industrial microwave equipment companies have declared to customers (food manufacturers) that sterilization and preservation can be achieved by using microwaves to treat foods. Some industrial microwave equipments are described as “tools that cover all diseases”. This is not the case. Many food companies do not use industrial microwave equipment to obtain the expected freshness of microwave sterilization equipment. The reason is that these industrial microwave equipment factories do not provide customers with the corresponding microwave sterilization process according to the characteristics of different foods. Different, some foods are not suitable for sterilization and preservation with industrial microwave equipment, such as red dates and other foods with high sugar content, it is not suitable for microwave treatment, otherwise it will be burnt.

Industrial microwave equipment cannot be customized for customers. For food sterilization and drying, industrial microwave equipment should be non-standard equipment. For different foods, industrial microwave equipment should be designed differently in terms of microwave power and magnetron arrangement. The setting of the sterilization time is also very important. The same food was treated with microwave for 2 minutes and 3 minutes, respectively, and the bactericidal effect may vary greatly, sometimes several times. However, some industrial microwave equipment factories are reluctant to design and manufacture industrial microwave equipment according to the actual conditions of the food produced by customers, because their own technical level is not high or too troublesome, but to do a batch of the same industrial microwave oven according to their own ideas. . Equipment, and then to different customers, "their industrial microwave equipment can guarantee good sterilization and drying effect on different foods."

At present, there are more than 100 factories in the country producing industrial microwave equipment. He told reporters without any concern that a large number of non-target industrial microwave equipment were put on the market. As food cannot be effectively disinfected and dried, the result is that food manufacturers have abandoned these industrial microwave equipment, wasting resources and causing losses to food companies. As a result, more and more food companies believe that "microwave ovens are not suitable for use in the food industry," which has led food companies to not believe in the role of microwave ovens, which will adversely affect the continued development of industrial microwave ovens. Equipment industry.

Misleading customers with new concepts. Some industrial microwave equipment manufacturers have introduced "microwave ultraviolet" equipment, claiming that microwave and ultraviolet light can be used for double disinfection of food. In fact, this is a concept of hype and misleading food companies, because the time to use the microwave to process food is very short, in just a few minutes, the microwave tube and the UV tube are unlikely to be placed in the same cavity; UV penetration Weak, short-time exposure of the sterilization effect is not ideal, the effective distance of sterilization is also very short.