Question of use of breast pump

- Nov 22, 2019-

1, milk will be less and less - some people think that using a breast pump will make milk less and less. In fact, no, the initial multi-sucking is also conducive to the growth of milk, the principle of breast pump and the principle of baby sucking is the same, of course, the feeling is somewhat different, but you can manually adjust to the same frequency as the baby sucks;

2, the quality of milk is not high - some people say so, but can not tell the reason. I personally think that the quality of milk is not related to whether or not to use a breast pump;

3, leaking milk problem - some people think that using a breast pump will make the milk eye bigger and leaking milk, in fact, will not, suck one side of the breast, so that the brain receives stimulation, secrete prolactin to make the breasts secrete milk, this stimulation for both breasts They are all the same, so the other side will also drop milk, commonly known as leaking milk. This is normal. Direct breastfeeding can also cause this situation. Use a breast pump to prepare early and avoid milk on the other side. Wet your baby's clothes. Sometimes, even if you are breastfeeding directly, it is possible that the nipple is exposed to external stimuli (such as rubbing and rubbing of clothing) and lactating. Of course, this varies from person to person.