Standards for the use of UV Sterilizer and Dryer for baby bottles

- Jul 29, 2020-

The baby bottle sterilizer adopts the most widely used, most thorough and effective high-temperature steam sterilization method, which can dissolve and peel off the milk stains that cannot be washed in the baby bottle, and give the baby the cleanest and safest baby bottle. The baby bottle sterilizer is suitable for all Avent baby bottle nipples and breast pumps. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

1. Take 100ml of clean water from a baby bottle or other container, and pour the water into the water tank of the base of the sterilizer.

2. Put the utensils to be disinfected in the steaming basket, then put the big steaming basket on the base, then put the small steaming basket on the big steaming basket, and cover the top cover of the small steaming basket.

3. Connect the power plug to the socket, and then press the power button to start the disinfector. The disinfection indicator lights up to indicate normal operation.

4. The heating process takes about 4 minutes, and the sterilization takes about 6 minutes. After the sterilization is completed, the sterilizer will automatically shut down.

5. Wait for the sterilizer to cool down, do not open the sterilizer immediately to avoid burns. After cooling, open the sterilizer to take out the utensils, and then dry the lid and steaming basket.

6. If you want to use it again, you need to let the sterilizer completely cool down for about ten minutes, after which it can be sterilized again.