Teach you the correct use of Bottle Warmer for Heating Milk

- Aug 03, 2020-

1. Put the bottle holder into the container

2. Put the milk bottle in the container

3. Add water to the container, 2cm away from the top of the water surface (if there is less milk in the bottle, add less water in the container to prevent the bottle from floating)

4. Cover the insulation and dust cover

5. Turn on the power and press the <warm milk> button. The machine's red indicator light flashes, indicating that it is heating. After about 8-12 minutes, the green indicator light turns on, and the milk in the bottle is close to breastmilk temperature. The machine automatically keeps constant temperature.

6. When you need to feed your baby, take the bottle with milk out of the container, and wipe the surface of the bottle with a dry towel, then you can feed the baby.