The baby can use the Baby Food Supplement Cooking Machine for a few months

- Aug 23, 2020-

Children are born with breast milk or cow's milk, and if they still only eat breast milk at 4 months after birth, it cannot meet the nutritional needs of the child. Supplementary foods must be added, such as egg yolk, rice paste, vegetable puree, fruit puree, fish puree, etc. Some parents are too anxious and add supplementary food too quickly. Add one today and another one tomorrow. If the child likes to eat, he will feed a lot of them at once, resulting in indigestion. There are also some parents who are always afraid that their children will not absorb it, and they always dare not add it. As a result, their children suffer from nutritional deficiencies, such as iron deficiency anemia. The method is to follow these principles: from less to more, from thin to thick, from fine to coarse, from one to many. That is to say, when adding some kind of complementary food to the child, only give it a small amount at first. If the child does not vomit and the stool is normal, you can gradually increase the amount. For example, feed 1-2 spoons of rice cereal first to see if the child responds, if not, you can Gradually increase the amount; start with a quarter of the egg yolk, and gradually increase to half or one. After you can eat the whole yolk, you can adapt to it for a period of time and then add the egg white to eat. For example, 6-7 months old children can eat the whole egg. Eating porridge gradually transitions from thin to thick. From fine to coarse supplementary food, it means that it is first made into a "mud" shape, such as vegetable puree, fruit puree, and meat puree, and then gradually transitions to chopped vegetables, cut into small pieces of fruit, minced meat and so on. Fish is of better quality than pork or beef. It is relatively easy to absorb, so it is added from fish paste first for children 5 months old. Do not add supplementary food too quickly. After adding one kind of supplementary food, you should adapt to it for about a week before adding another kind of supplementary food. Be careful not to add multiple complementary foods at the same time.