The difference between a Baby Food Supplement Cooking Machine

- Mar 04, 2021-

Take the working principle of the food supplement machine as an example: first, put the ingredients into the steaming and stirring cup, then add water to the body, adjust the settings, and start the machine.

Both have a stirring function, why can't you use a blender?

From the level of infant acceptance: Experts recommend adding complementary food when the baby is 4-6 months old. And 4-6 months after birth is the most sensitive period for baby's taste bud development. The baby is easy to accept various tastes. If you miss it, it may cause feeding difficulties after weaning. Since babies at this stage do not have the ability to chew, they need mushy food to exercise the baby's taste bud development and supplement nutrition. However, the general blender cannot satisfy the output of mushy food.