The difference between manual breast pump and electric breast pump

- May 23, 2020-

Electric is more convenient to use, but there is a disadvantage that you can't control the intensity yourself, and it may not be very comfortable.

It may be a little more laborious to use manually, but you can control the intensity yourself, you are more comfortable, and it is much cheaper than the electric one.

In contrast, both manual and electric have their own advantages, but electric is relatively more convenient than manual.

Therefore, when choosing a breast pump, Baoma should proceed from her own situation. If you have more milk and use it frequently, it will be more convenient and time-saving to choose an electric breast pump. If you do n’t have much milk, you do n’t need to spend it on the breast pump. Too many, you can choose an affordable manual breast pump. Some mothers will have the problem of nipple depression, and it is difficult for the baby to suck. In this case, it is recommended to prepare manually with electric power at the same time. Use manual in the early stage and use electric in the later stage.